Further to the CBA recently sending out a letter INCREASING interest rates for existing low doc loans by .25%, they also announced that they will be changing the  NAME of the interest rate to the 'reference' rate.  (WHY would CBA change the NAME of the interest rate.????)

The letter also states "You may be eligible to apply for a full doc loan.  This will require a new application to be submitted to the bank."

 BEWARE- do not fall for this trick.


We recently got a threatening, intimidating phone call from a CBA's Anne - who told me she wanted to speak to me about "a personal banking matter."

I asked her politely for her surname & her tone changed immediately - she vehemently refused: " I don't have to give you my surname."

I then asked her to e-mail me the details of what she wanted. Again she vehemently refused: " I am not going to send you an e-mail."

When I again insisted that she e-mail me she replied: "I will not put anything of detail in an e-mail to you!" "You had better contact me by 6pm at the latest."

I gave her my e-mail address, refused to speak to her, then hung up.  Here was a threatening call, from someone hiding behind a private, hidden number, from someone I'd never met, never spoken to, who was refusing to give me her surname, asking me to reveal details of my 'personal banking'? What the?

She relented about 30 mins later & did e-mail me.   Her name was ANNE TOGADO, CBA Collections & Credit Solutions.

She said there was a letter being forwarded to me to respond to.   Yesterday, we received the letters. 



It is headed:  REMINDER - APPLICATION NOT RECEIVED.      (Note: APPLICATION for what?  We have NOT put in an APPLICATION for anything!)

it says: We refer to your recent request for financial assistance and OUR REQUEST FOR INFORMATION ABOUT YOUR FINANCIAL SITUATION.

           This information was requested so that we can assess your financial position.................

          WHAT YOU NEED TO DO?

          ....you need to provide the following information,  within 7 days...

          DOCUMENTATION CONFIRMING ANY INCOME  or centrelink benefits

          PAYSLIPS / CONFIRMATION OF INCOME                  

(Note: suspicious that they are asking for this now, 7 years later - when they didn't ask for any of this when they approved the loan in the first place!)

Signed : Anonymous. No name , no title.   HIDING BEHIND THE VEIL OF SECRECY.