Dear members

I get very disgruntled reading how FOS & COSL operate, they are toothless tigers who seem to play into the banks hands. When we have to provide in short time all documentory evidence to substantiate our claims and the said banks being privvy to everything we pass on but like naughty school children saying my dog ate my homework they deny the existence of requested documents. Thanks to Denise we now know what to ask for, to say they don't exist or are lost is proposterous.

In a court of law if you impede in the course of justice isn;t that a chargeable offence, seeing most of FOS & COSL come from legal backgrounds why should the rules be different for us.

The termonology has to be amended, it is not disputes as defined by ASIC but fraud as it would have to be in a normal court of law. A dispute is a quarrel, we do not want a fight we want justice and the truth to prevail.

Imagine if we had a "dispute" with the A.T.O. and said we have lost or can't find requested documents the A.T.O. requires what would be the consequences? Would the A.T.O. say thats alright we will take your word on anything you tell us, hell no! Then why is it FOS & COSL don't  come down hard on the banks and lenders. In this electronic age everything is backed up ,put in storage and cross referenced because of the number of people involved there is a trail of evidence out there. The banks should be given a time limit to track down all relevent information and be penalised heavily for non compliance.

One of my biggest gripes is when a bank or lender is legally forced to pay out or compensate a victim, they then come out with the statement " just because we are paying out doesn't mean we are admitting culpability" even getting caught with their grubby hands in the cookie jar they wont admit to their greed. I was taught as a youth in the navy if you stuff up, admit it , learn by your mistakes and move on. Ah what ever happened to good old principals and values? Thanks Neil T.