There area  number of bank staffers from several banks that are hurting.  They were encouraged to also borrow funds on a discounted rate, yet four years on are finding as our members have found, that they have paid massive hikes in mortgage payments - at times double the original agreements.  Interest rates were lumped on at 4 - 5% higher than the RBA rates and no reduction in rate applied at any stage.

What was the Treasurer doing about this gouging process by greedy bankers?  Not a great deal.  Staffers then found they were being offered buffer loans to assist them with "affording" payments for another couple of years.  Now they are being threatened with eviction buy their own employer or ex employer.  How far into the employment sector do these bank scams wander?

Staffers affected can contact me and confidentiality assured.  We want to assist not be intimidated by these banks.  These loans were highly illegal and yet regulators permitted fraudulent practices to multiply.   

Contact me and tell me your story:  Denise Brailey

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