$25,000,000,000 is the amount of PROFIT the big four (4) banks made recently which broken down is approximately $1,000 per person living in Australia.

The banks and the culture within have so much power the human factor is forbidden in their business model. 

From the CEO down to the Hardship Department.


Looks like we have support, others in the banking/finance sector are not happy the big 4 wielding too much power.


   All is needed now is a Whistle-blower from within as a catalyst to set the ball rolling to make a ROYAL COMMISSION a no brainer!



Just a worn out and angry victim, from a banks "kick him while he is down" attitude.

Even boxers in a Boxing ring have more respect to their victims. 


(Australia does not have a $1,000 note so had to  use 2 x $500)