How To Create A Blogging Account - Instructions


Please print this page

1) Click on this link to create an account and start blogging.

2) Decide on a pseudo name ie Jingles

3)  This will be both your Account Name and User Name.  Example Account Name: Jingles and User Name: Jingles

4) Enter your chosen password TWICE

5) Enter your email address TWICE

6) Press "Register" only ONCE

7) You will see this message: "Your account has been created and an activation link has been sent to the email address you entered.  Note that you must activate the acccount by clicking on the activation link when you get the email, before you can log in."  

8) An Activation Message will be sent to your email address within approx 2 mins.  

9) Click on the Activation Link in the email  

10) Go back to the Blog and refresh page (or close and then re-open in new window)

11) Login using your Pseudo and Password and begin to blog!

12)  Comments:  Remember.  When "Commenting" on peoples' blogs, write your comment and the SUBMIT ONLY ONCE

STEPS 1 to 5 
STEPS 10 & 11
Create An Account

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