This page is dedicated to all those people who have been unwittingly caught up in the suspect activities of the company, Banksia.   We are also questioning and researching into the Banks, their executives and core business leaders, their lawyers and solicitors who may also be acting in an imprudent manner.    

Those unsuspecting people who belonged to Banksia were generally unsophisticated investors.  Decent people who were curious about ideas to hopefully get ahead in this world and were enticed into the risky world of “creating wealth.”  

The Lenders ensured loans were approved in an imprudent fashion.  No checks on affordability of the loan by the customers was carried out.  Loan Application Forms have been altered either by the Banks themselves or the broker.  BFCSA continues to investigate these matters.

Members of BFCSA, are continually lobbying the Senate for a Royal Commission into the Banking Sector.  We are also lobbying for compensation to be paid to the victims, to put consumers back into a position as if they never met the Banks or their Agencies.  

Our aim is place all Banksia victims under the BFCSA Umbrella as an Australian Consumer Initiative (ACI), and collectively empower everyone in a properly organised quest for restitution.

If you are a victim of Banksia, register some details of your situation and relationship with Banksia below, so that the DELEGATES leading Your Action can use the power and strength in numbers, to collectively bring your Claim for Losses to Court .   A Class Action against Money Choice is unlikely and we explain why.  

Banksia Delegates will be sending a loud message to these Banksters and Regulators that enough is enough.  The Banksia victims have drawn a line in the sand and are prepared to fight back.  BFCSA (Inc) is here to gather you all together under the one united Consumer Umbrella.



Banksia Victims

Did you purchase a property 'off the plan' with Banksia?   YOU ARE NOT ALONE!
Were you encouraged to get a 'buffer loan' from Westpac or RAMS or any other Lender to assist with affordability?   YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

Do you believe you have been treated unfairly?
Have you suffered loss because of this so called “strategy”?   YOU'RE NOT ALONE!
* Do you want assistance with an investigation into your case?
* Did your Bank give you a copy of the Loan Application Form (LAF)?
* Did your bank ring you prior to aproval, to verify your income?
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