Who we are.

Led by award-winning consumer advocate Denise Brailey, we are a group of people who are concerned and appalled with the growth of Low Doc Loan Fraud Globally.  Our work is entirely in the spirit of community concern.  We are a not for profit organisation and investigate many scams.  However, this particular one will be our focus for many years to come. 

What we do.

In particular, we investigate scams involving banks, non-banks, lawyers, financial planners and brokers.  Deceptive Low Doc banking products appear to be normal financial products.  However, unaffordable loans can leave the innocent customer homeless in a very short period of time. The deceit involves Banks tweaking the loans to look "affordable", without your knowledge or consent.

The victims may be your own parents who suffer in silence.  They may be your grown-up children on a low income.  In Australia, New Zealand and the UK for example, faulty mortgage products are being promoted and marketed by Major Banks, plus an array of smaller non bank lenders. 

As a united team our membership is growing and we are assisting members from four countries. BFCSA researchers have discovered alarming evidence of international bankers engaging in and profiting from imprudent lending practices.  Sadly, these activities are not isolated and indeed, hide a sinister pattern of systemic issues running for almost two decades.  Led by Denise Brailey, our teams have uncovered vital documents which clearly show major banks and non-banks are the creators of the worst cases of abuse involving banking products in the history of Australia, and we are not alone. The same Model has been utilised by an iterrelated Banking Cabal, unrivalled in the past three centuries of banking history.


Our priorities.

To reveal the truth regarding these scams via this website in a  series of informative communiqués to be released over the coming months.  Readers can follow our investigative progress.  Our main priority is to save the homes of those people whom have been caught by the use of fraudulent documentation.  Many of these documents were altered after the signature was obtained and without the clients' knowledge or consent.  No copies of initial documentation were handed out at the point of signing...an internationally accepted requirement.

Who we assist.  

All those people who have become involved in unaffordable Mortgage Full Doc and Low Doc loans >  People who find six years on (or less) they are unable to service the loan due to ‘affordability” issues that were present (yet hidden) from the inception. We assist everyone who feels threatened by the bankers involved. We assist people in the recovery of the vital documentation that they were entitled to receive prior to signing the Mortgage Contract for the loan.  The fraud from inception is then revealed. We assist members from that point on to either extinguish the loan or in most cases greatly reduce the mortgage commitment.

BFCSA is also committed in gathering the aggrieved together: those who have already lost their homes due to the Toxic Low Doc products being approved as prudent lending, when clearly the loans were created from a Bank engineered fraud. Our Teams will then look for options of future claims against those responsible.

How we can help you.

If you are in trouble with these loans, please contact us by phone, email or by post. For details visit our contact page.

You will then be invited to speak with one of our team. Should you require individual draft letters or template letters to Lenders, we have user pays services to accommodate those requests for assistance. You will need to become members of our group. Membership details are in the membership section of the this website.

How you can help us.

If you are not aggrieved by these loans but see merit in our push for justice, then please join us as an Associate Member which helps us to continue the fight for Justice in Banking. Membership is our only source of funding.

If you are a Broker, Bank Officer or BDM and you have evidence that could be of use to our ongoing investigations, then please contact Denise. Confidentiality is assured. Industry people are our best source of qualitative information and evidence. It may simply be a matter of conscience and we respect that effort and your privacy.

Members of your extended family may be suffering stress as a result of these imprudent loans. At times several members of the same family may be suffering – then you need to gather the family members together and encourage them to go to our website and join our organisation.

Our aims.

  • To lobby Governments for Parliamentary Inquiries into the Banking Sector, based on the evidence collected in the country of origin.

  • To gather afflicted people together under one umbrella organisation for strength and purpose.  We have demonstrated our resolve to be achievement driven.

  • To save as many homes from foreclosure as possible.

  • To encourage all national regulators to abandon their tick-a-box system of processing complaints; to step up enforcement of law initiatives; and to have the current “blame the consumer” policies abandoned.

  • To ensure Consumer Protection means something solid, whereby consumers are truly informed and protected in every democratic country

  • We are completely dedicated to tidying up the banking and finance sectors on a global basis.

  • JOIN US TODAY.  Tomorrow, your family may find themselves in need of our assistance.